The Artwork

‘Danielle Gregory’s Artwork mirrors oceans of dreamy existence where the sky is the limit and daring subjects agreeably coincide; Subjects with a little myth and mystery.'

Australian Artist and Designer, Danielle Gregory shares this portal of artistic collections available for viewing, purchase, and collaboration.  Danielle creates original artworks, using different mediums working mostly with oil paintings, mixed media and digital. 

Danielle Gregory began her professional artistic journey when she moved back to the country town, Victor Harbor, reemerging back into the art scene in 2019, after a long block. Since then, she has participated in a number of collaborative projects and her works have been showcased in solo and group exhibitions around the world.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Danielle is primarily self-taught and has her own approach to - and definition of - art. She believes in constantly taking risks and that inspiration can be found wherever you look. To find out more about her philosophy, feel free to get in touch.

Danielle's subject matter is original and from her mind or dreams.  Inspired to find beauty in the challenges to see beyond the distractions of the conspicuous, capturing her subject's unique self. With close observation and engagement of the subject, Danielle's process is to get thrown in and become completely involved in working with something more divine.

Using traditional materials working with a wide range of mediums from the highest quality, acrylic, inks, mixed media, textiles, digital, charcoal, pencils and brushes.  Danielle's favourite medium is oil paint to capture movement and life — making the brush dance and the paint sing.  Everything is to be captured in the spontaneous dance and movement of the brush and the feeling it creates as it meets the canvas


Most of  Danielle's original artwork is now displayed and up for sale at the Victor Harbor Regional Art Gallery,
- 7A Railway Terrace Victor Harbor, South Australia.

Giving back to charitable causes is crucially important and continues to be a driving force behind Danielle's work as an emerging artist. Proceeds from artwork sales are and will continue to be regularly donated to various non-for-profit organisations; Primarily the Sea Shepherd, and Brain Cancer Foundations.  


The Artist

Upon finishing her education, Danielle Gregory began working as a professional artist in Victor Harbor. Since 2019, Danielle has worked on a variety of creative projects. Her, works have been showcased in solo and group exhibitions around the world.  Her artistic expression has gone through many phases over the years resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. Danielle is never content with standing still and is always looking for her next engaging project.

Born and raised in South Australia, passion for art was discovered young.  Danielle's grandmother was a talented oil painter and art teacher; constantly explaining little details here and there to her growing up. From a young age always fascinated by drawing, creating and painting. Danielle's mother also nurtured her love of art & fashion and sent her to study Fashion Design after school.  Overall, she is a  self-taught painter and has dabbled in some life drawing and design courses. 

Endless hours of Danielle's youth were spent in the country exploring, creating, sewing, drawing, and at the beach watching and playing in the ocean. Danielle and her sister were practically raised in a little seaside country town on the Yorke Peninsula in the middle of nowhere.


Originally, Danielle's dad was a professional fisherman who lived in Victor Harbor, who passed down his love of the water to her. Parents separating at a young age she didn’t get to see her Dad too often, but when she did he would teach her about the sea. Take her out on the boats to learn more about the beauty and mystery of the ocean.


Since a young age, Danielle always felt pulled towards the sea and country life.  Spending a lot of her younger years travelling to coastal and country towns around Australia and overseas.

Extensively, Danielle has studied across a range of fields and has always been pulled back towards Art. Having had her first exhibition in her early 20’s.  Shortly after, she strayed from the art path when her dad passed away from an aggressive, Glioblastoma Brain tumour.  This sent her life into a spiral of uncertainty and confusion which lacked artistic creativity. After her Dads passing she threw herself into studying, a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  Danielle studyied the behaviours of society and people, trying to understand why people do what they do and why.  Sadly wouldn’t pick up a pencil or brush until 7 years later.


Danielle immensely enjoyed the behavioural science studies, but it eventually led her back to the love of Art and the importance of the beauty in it.  Believing that there is so much ugly in the world that if she can help by making little parts of the world beautiful, bring happiness to someone by creating meaningful treasures, she feels she has fulfilled somewhat of a purpose. The art Danielle creates is made in such a way using only high-quality products, that it will be around long after she's gone.

Moving back to her Dads home town in  Victor Harbor, South Australia, helped her through her final stages of healing allowing her to find her artistic nature again.  This prompted her to open up a home studio.  Slowly growing and expanding, Danielle is specially thankfull to the love and support of her family, and every customer who believed in her and invested in welcoming her artwork into their home. 

A big part of Danielle Gregory's goal is to give back by donating to different charities along with pro bono works, recently she donated a piece to Living with Koalas which will be exhibited and auctioned in California. Danielle has also made contributions to the Sea Shepherd and Cancer foundations wherever possible.  


Now, Danielle is mum to a beautiful boy and carer for her now 94-year-old Grandmother (the painter) who has Alzheimer’s, so she works at what she can when she can. Eventually working towards more full time in art.  


Thank you for taking the time to experience Danielle's artwork and to read a little bit about her life. Danielle has influenced and been influenced by many lives through her journey and looks forward to meeting many more along the way!